by gillian claire: insta-summer and a quick hello!



insta-summer and a quick hello!

It's been a while! My kids (yes, both kids! Ah!) are back in school and I'm attempting to get back at blogging! My computer has been gone being fixed most of the summer, and I haven't even touched my camera, *but* I have been keeping up on Instagram so I thought I'd share some of my faves from this summer.
.summer_instagram_00 opening night at my end of the year show for school! i only took one class last year and i worked on a self portrait project called "portraits of motherhood" which pretty much sums up the emotions i've felt over the past year: exhaustion and introspection. i was glad to be chosen for the show and to catch up with my artist friends.instagram_summer_1 the angels seriously sing for me when the weather warms up and i can get these rambunctious little boys out of the house and to the park every evening!instagram_summer_2colorado summer skies are my absolute favorite. i can't even; they are so special to me.
sillouette shots at the park are also my favorite.instagram_summer_3weekend trip to breckenridge, a ritzy little ski town.instagram_summer_4
we spent a good amount of time down at the river this summer. there is nothing more magical that sparkly summer water, especially nestled within the mountains.instagram_summer_6
lots of splash park nights this summer, and it was so sweet to see asher finally get the courage to play in the water! <3instagram_summer_7neighborhood bike rides, more park nights... ok we basically *live* at the park.
my sisters came to visit this summer! our trip was perfect. these girls are such a big part of my heart and we had an amazing time being our ridiculous selves as usual!instagram_summer_9 
we took a little day trip into Cheyenne with my sisters, such a sleepy old town. we went on a carriage ride, had lunch and adventured around.instagram_summer_8 
with my sisters we also hiked to the top of a waterfall and oh my goodness came across this dreamy pool at the top.instagram_summer_10 
we ended up taking an impromptu family trip to ohio. these pictures were taken in nebraska/eastern colorado. always nice to see the fam!
the boys and i on our way to a friend's house for a cookout. 
we loved having wednesday night cookouts at adrienne's!instagram_summer_13 summer grass // green tea frapps 
both summer staples.instagram_summer_12dandelions are forever my favorite flower // my own little flower turned *5* and we had an aboslutely wonderful day celebrating our asher.
we had lunch at a janky little restaurant in ault. there were flies everywhere and sticky syrup dripping on the walls as expected but dang this mural wall - worth it. IMG_6482
this picture was taken the night that the boys and i went back to school shoe shopping at Kohls/Famous Footwear and had dinner at iHop. i'm actually tearing up just looking at this picture. i can honestly say that this night was just perfect.
i hope you all had a beautiful summer!
i'm excited to get back into this space and also to catch up on reading all of my favorite blogs as well!
happy friday!

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  1. I would love to see more from your portraits of motherhood collection! I know they are amazing!! Those skies are gorgeous. I miss Colorado! We passed through Breckenridge once and stopped for lunch. We’ve wanted to go back since. It seemed like such a cute little town! I adore all of these photos. So dreamy! Looks like an amazing summer sweet lady!


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