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you guys, my poor neglected real camera and blog have some serious jealousy of my iphone and instagram... it's just so easy to keep up there outside the world of lightroom and photoshop and blog editing! i did actually pick up my camera yesterday though and it felt good!
here are some instagram photos from october. all of these pictures are sooo fall-ish and i love it! fall in colorado has absolutely been *amazing* guys. unseasonably warm and i couldn't be happier!


i tried to make an effort to do more stereotypical halloween things this year. in ohio, we had so much family around that holidays always seemed special and filled with things to do. in colorado, we have to be much more intentional about it since it's all up to us. maybe it's strange but i'm just not naturally into holidays but this year we did the pumpkin patch, 
carved pumpkins, went to trick or treat street
  and had a fabulous night trick or treating with friends. ( <- that part no one had to talk me into! )


october skies // i'm already missing the pinker summer sunsets - the sky is changing so much!


// i will definitely miss all the free clothes i got from work // 


// the mountains in the fall guys... horses in front of the mountains in the fall guys... //


// me + my babies headed to trick or treat street. aren't they absolute babes? //


// more mountains in the fall ... this stuff never gets old //


pretty fall feels at the coffee drive thru // rose gold lip stick from the dollar store. 
( i buy all my lipstick from the dollar store! )
 i hope you all had a beautiful october as well!
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  1. Beautiful pictures! I was neglecting my dlsr as well last month, but this month I'm loving on it. Haha

  2. Beautiful pictures! I'm never quiet sure what to post to Instagram, these are great ideas.

  3. I love all your photos! I'll have to look for a rose gold lipstick, that looks so pretty on you!


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