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My Favorite Winter Skincare Products

*This post is in partnership with Belli Skincare. I only work with brands that I truly love! Thanks for reading along!*

During the winter months, I am doubly obsessed with taking care of my skin! In Colorado the air this season is dry  and cold  and it makes me want to just pour moisture into my skin any way that I can! Does that even make sense? I want to share with you some of my favorite skincare products that I've come to love this winter!

The theme to my skincare this winter has been gentle + hydrating. I have had a rough time with my skin in the past few years. It's like I'm seriously going through puberty or something 15 years late! I use some different face washes at night to help with that issue but anything else I put on my skin I want to be soothing and gentle. Ok, let's get into my favorites.


I was so excited to finally get my hands on this brand after hearing so many good things! The Belli skincare line is created and safe for pregnant + nursing mothers which is such a neat idea! All of their products are allergy tested, free of parabens, gluten, phthalates, artificial dyes + fragrances and goes through a unique safety screening process. I love the idea behind the Belli brand and this eye brightening cream appealed to me right away with it's claim to "revive tired eyes". I stare at my computer screen all day for work and I love using this luxurious cream in the morning and night to soothe my eyes!


Again with the moisture thing. I actually recently picked this up because I needed a new sunscreen lotion to put on under my makeup and I love it. It goes on really wet feeling but dries quickly making me feel like my face just absorbed a ton of moisture. If you ladies aren't wearing a sunscreen everyday; you need to start doing this TODAY!


So I've been doing some research on how to deal with the skin issues I've been having and I came across a YouTuber who believes that you should wash your face THREE times at night after wearing makeup to relieve the impurities. It sounds a little crazy maybe but I'm pretty into the idea. I decided to pick up this e.l.f. cleanser at Target because it was cheap and I loved that it says "infused with Purified Water to help hydrate the skin." Yeah, I realize that marketing people love me for falling for these claims. I'm easy.


One more eye product because seriously, the eyes can not get enough pampering in my opinion. I was surprised that this product has kind of a gold sheen to it when it's put on the skin. I usually go way overboard with my skincare products so I looked a little crazy the first time I applied it. But if you use just a little of this stuff under makeup, it gives a nice little highlighted glow around the eyes. I'm a fan.

What products have you all been loving and using this winter? Please share your favorites with me; I'm always looking for new skincare product to try!


  1. I've never tried elf skincare, just their cosmetics. Might be something to have on hand!

  2. I'm definitely intrigued by the rapid dark circle repair! I don't always struggle with dark circles, but who couldn't use a little extra brightness? thanks for sharing!

  3. I need to try some of these products! My skin has been so dry this winter!

  4. I love that you highlighted Products that are safe for pregnant and nursing moms!

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