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Five on Friday

It's been a struggle for me to get around to blogging lately! I have had so much going on but I wanted to stop in and share 5 little bits + pieces with you all.

1. We have had some beautiful weather lately and I am loving it! The boys and I have been out and about this week, walking to the park and running errands and I can just feel the sun melting all sorts of bad moods around here. Although I'm sure that Colorado will have some more snowfalls before all is said and done, the sunshine is giving me hope that Spring is coming!

2.  I finally got my hair done! I went for a more ash-y blonde this time and I really like it! Now I just need to get my eyebrows done and I'll look like a normal person again...

3.  I recently shared this adorable little 90s style backpack from thredUP on Instagram. It's big enough to fit my big camera which I love because it's so much cuter and more convenient than a camera bag! I had so much fun partnering with thredUP and got a few other really cute things from their site. Have you guys tried thredUP? If you want to check them out, you can also use my link to get $10 off your first purchase! ($10 goes a long  way on their site!)

4. I attended a really fun Blogger event this week in Denver as part of a new group that I'm involved in. Our event was hosted by Lyfe Kitchen restaurant and they really treated us all like royalty! We had so much fun trying out all sorts of different dishes and I am seriously obsessed with this restaurant now. We also received these fun gift bags full of all kinds of goodies from local shops + businesses.

5. Tonight we are taking the boys and their friends to see Moana! I am looking forward to the peace and quiet + hopefully the movie is tolerable. I've heard good things but man is it hard for me to sit through kids' movies!

Happy Friday, everyone! What was the highlight of your week?


  1. Isn't Thredup great?!?! I got the prettiest J. Crew dress for almost nothing a while back. Might need to revisit their site for some goodies.


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