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About All the Sponsored Posts...

Happy Friday, friends!

Ok, soooo I wanted to put up a little disclaimer because I know I just spammed y'all with sponsored content this week. Truth is, I messed up a little and accepted 3 sponsored opportunities without realizing that they all had due dates within 3 days of each other, OOPS. There really wasn't any way around it; I had to post them all this week and I apologize for that! Normally I really try to space out sponsored posts much better.

Also, I wanted to share a little bit of what's been on my heart blogging wise.

This year, my main goal with blogging has been to try new things and say, "yes!" more. Saying yes is part of trying new things for me... I truly care so deeply about my blog and I put a part of myself into every photo and word that I slap up here on the internet. I have always been extremely selective as far as companies I agree to work with.

Honestly I think I really held myself back opportunity wise because of how selective I was.

This year I've also felt like I needed to morph my blog a bit from little boy photoshoots to focus more on my interests. Rome and Ash are getting older and our time of life is so much different from when I started this blog during my second pregnancy. This is why I have been doing a lot more beauty posts this year. It's part of me "trying new things" and I've really loved it!

I have also, as you've seen, being saying "yes" to more sponsored content. I finally bit the bullet and signed up with a few networks. I've been selling myself and my work more and at higher rates.

I'm always re-evaluating things and maybe the things I'm doing right now won't end up working out for me or the direction I want for my blog. At least I will have said yes and tried it out though.

So there's a little bit about what I've been trying to do this year on my blog. I feel happy and proud about it. I'd love to hear your feedback as well because I care so much about what my readers think! I know that sponsored posts seem "annoying" to some people but I will say that I am still very selective on the companies that I work with. I'm saying yes more but I still say, "no" often. 

The last point I want to make is that when you're rolling your eyes at sponsored content, at "ads", (I'm guilty of this too, trust me!) remember that behind the sponsored post is someone, often times a woman, often a Mom, who is working hard and ... MAKING MONEY on their OWN terms. 

I mean, how cool is that? 

I've said yes to a lot of sponsored content this month. This is the first month of my life in which most of income is coming from blogging and wow, that's pretty dang awesome to me. This money is helping our family in a big way and I am so thankful for all of you reading along and making that happen for me. I promise that even with the sponsored posts, I am putting in hours behind the scenes to make the quality of the photos and words match the quality of my blog. :)

And hey, in case you missed my posts this week, here's a little bit about all three!


Fitness in Your 30s!

This is definitely one of those "try new things" posts for me and my first post about fitness, which is a huge part of my life! (In partnership with Odwalla + Safeway)


This post is about why I'm not worried that my boys have been late readers and it's in partnership with Kellogg's and Dollar General.


Finn was introduced to life in a blogging family with this post in partnership with Purina + Petco! I seriously had so much fun spoiling him during this photoshoot and he certainly felt loved trying all the new foods and toys! (If you are as obsessed with kitten photos as I am, you'll want to read this one!)

Again, I'm sorry that I had to blast all these sponsored posts out in the same week! I hope you find something you enjoy and thanks for listening to me express my feelings about this crazy blog life. :)


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