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The Best Products for Maintaining Blonde Hair

     I started dying my hair blonde a little over 2 years ago and it's definitely been a bit of a learning curve to find products that work! Prior to going blonde, I didn't dye my hair for ten years and during that time I pretty much just used the cheapest drugstore products I could find. Since I never colored my hair, it stayed really healthy and strong even though I wasn't putting much effort into products. 

     Now that my hair has been through many rounds of bleach and color, it's become so much more important for me to take the time to find higher quality haircare! My hair stylist had to teach me that if I want to keep my hair healthy and my color vibrant, I have to invest a little more and most importantly always choose sulfate-free products!

So, after much trial and error, I've put together my list of "The Best Products for Maintaining Blonde Hair!"

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1 / Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo + Conditioner

Purple shampoo is your friend if you dye your hair blonde! My hair always wants to pull to a warmer golden blonde and I use purple shampoo to tone it a little cooler because I really love an ashy blonde. Purple shampoo can be super drying so don't use it more than once or twice a week and always grab the purple conditioner as well!

2 / Olaplex No.3

You've probably heard of the miracles of Olaplex to help keep your hair healthy and strong through several color treatments. You can ask for full Olaplex treatments at your salon but Olaplex No.3 is available to purchase and use at home! It's used as a hair mask and is meant to mend the broken bonds in your hair. I definitely notice a difference in the ends of my hair after I use this treatment!

3 / Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

So, when I was younger (think middle + high school) I went through this phase of always brushing my hair. In fact one of my friends nicknamed me, "brusher" haha! I'm not sure what my deal was then but now I hardly ever brush my hair! I also pay attention to which products I'm running through my hair. I always use either a wide tooth comb or my Aveda brush.

4 / Surface Bassu Hydrating Oil

I really miss the natural shine my hair had before I started dying it! I love using a tiny bit of this oil to give my hair a boost of hydration. Surface is a really great salon haircare line to look into. Their shampoos and conditioners didn't work out for me but I love some of their other products.

5 / Kenra Color Maintenance Shampoo + Conditioner

I'm part of a really cool "beauty" Facebook group which is where I get tons of great advice. (Ask me if you want to join!) A girl in there recommended using products with protein in them to repair damaged hair. She specifically led me to these products and I've been really happy using them as my everyday shampoo and conditioner.

6 / Hairstory New Wash

New Wash is a really neat product that I had the chance to try out last year. It is a detergent free hair cleanser used to replace both shampoo and conditioner. The theory behind New Wash is that the only reason we need conditioner is because shampoos (even sulfate-free shampoos!) are a detergent and therefore damage your hair. New Wash is supposed to prevent your scalp from producing as much oil so that you can eventually go longer between washes. I tried New Wash for 30 days and it truly helped me keep my color looking great and felt surprisingly nourishing! I definitely repurchased and use this in my rotation. If you love natural products and trying new things, I'd definitely give this a go. (Tip: make sure you rinse very thoroughly!)

I actually did an entire post about my experience with New Wash last year that you can check out here!

7 / Drybar Hot Toddy Heat Protector

I was invited to experience Drybar recently and it was fabulous! If you've never had a blowout at Drybar, you have to try it. My blowout lasted for days and it was amazing to just wake up and go with my hair already done! Their products are also magical and smell amazing! These products are high on my "to buy" list right now because I was so impressed with them when I had my blow out!

8 / UNITE Hair Blonda Purple Shampoo + Conditioner

This is another purple shampoo and conditioner that I love to use! It's a little less talked about than Joico but I'm not sure why because it's amazing! I think it might actually work a tad better than Joico at creating that ash blonde tone but it's also a little more drying. Tip: if you feel like purple shampoo isn't working for you; leave it on longer! I was so nervous to leave this stuff on very long at first but I promise you'll see more effect if you leave it on a little longer each time until you find what works perfectly!

9 / Fabric Hair Ties

I love using fabric hair ties on my hair vs. the traditional kind and to be honest I think they look cuter on your wrist. :) (Who else always has hair ties on their wrist?) They are designed to be a little gentler on your hair and not leave a crease! Side note: what do you call hair ties? Growing up, we always called them, "twisties."

10 / Surface Bliss Smoothing Cream

Here's another Surface product that I love! I use this on my hair when it's wet to give it a little extra conditioning. 

11 / Hairstory Hair Balm

I tend to get some frizzy flyaway hairs on the top of my head that I previously tamed with hairspray. Now I just use a little of this balm (another Hairstory product!) and it works great!

So there you go! After having some amount of blonde in my hair for 2 years, these products have been the winners for me! Let me know if you also buy any of these products or if there is something amazing that you think I need to try!

xoxo, Gillian

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