by gillian claire: Holiday Gift Guide for Pre-Teen Boys!



Holiday Gift Guide for Pre-Teen Boys!

The pre-teen/teen years are in full force at my house as Roman + Asher are 11 and 14 now. (Can you even believe it?) It was definitely a shift holiday-shopping wise, and I still a struggle to find gifts that my boys aren't going to roll their eyes at on Christmas morning! Now that I've found a groove with shopping for my teenie-boppers, I thought I'd share some of my best finds that have been a hit over the past few years! (Plus a few additional ideas.)


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heyday Suitcase Turntable

One of the best gift suggestions I have for your pre-teen! The best part is that these are bluetooth-compatible and able to play music outside of records as well. 

How fun is this? Such a unique gift and the perfect game for your pre-teen to share with their friends as well.  

I've been a LipSmacker fan since 3rd grade... so many fun options and this soda collection pack makes a fun pre-teen stocking stuffer!

I can attest to the popularity of Crocs by how many collect by my front door when the boys have friends over... My boys love to throw these on when they head out the door for basketball practice.

Is your pre-teen also obsessed with Stranger Things? Our whole family loves this show and this graphic novel set is a great way to convince your kiddo to "read" a little during holiday break.

A cute mini-diffuser, perfect for your pre-teen's room as they enter the smellier years of childhood...

This was a hit present for our 11 year old last year!

My 11 year old has quite the collection of Funko Pops in his room. These are an inexpensive present and there are many options from sports players to superheroes to characters from all the popular shows.

What pre-teen doesn't want a bean bag chair in their room? If your guy doesn't have one yet - this is the year!

Such a fun blast from the past and really popular with kids right now.

The smiley-face trend makes me so happy... my boys both have smiley face socks & slippers. This may make it into the stockings this year.

My sons both have these in their room. Easy to install and honestly look super cool at night!


What are you gifting your pre-teen this year? Leave a comment below so we can swap ideas!

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