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Space Scouts!

IMG_1086I was so excited when Space Scouts offered to send my boys a package and host a giveaway on my blog!
You all already know how much fun I've had working with the clothing subscription company FabKids on my blog so I was really excited for my boys to be able to try out Space Scouts, a monthly subscription program based around space + science activities! I am pretty in love with the "subscription box" idea; there is just something SO fun and exciting about getting mail.
IMG_1051IMG_1062-3Space Scouts sent us 2 of their monthly packages to try out! The recommended age for Space Scouts is 6+ (they also offer Animal Trackers for children ages 3+ which is equally adorable) but Asher certainly had a lot of fun diving into the packages with Roman. I'd say that a few of the activities included in Space Scouts could definitely be done with children ages 3 and up while some are a little more advanced so it is a good mix. The first month's package was all wrapped up inside of an adorable tin lunch box and included different learning activities as well as a poster of the solar system and a "constellation collection startup set". Each month that follows builds upon this set and every month includes a magnet to add to the lunchbox, a sticker to add to the solar system poster, multiple learning activities, a souvenir toy that coordinates with the activities and a constellation card to add to the collection. Roman and Asher were pretty excited to open up their second month package and find all sorts of goodies to add to their collection!IMG_1066-2IMG_1075-2IMG_1134IMG_1126(I tried to photograph what came in each box but I just realized that I included the "robotic claw" toy in each photo, oops! It came in the second month's package!)
We had so much fun getting a chance to try out Space Scouts! I loved the variety of activities that was included with each package. It was a perfect amount of learning mixed with fun and it kept both of my boys occupied all afternoon. Roman especially enjoyed the "sticker scrambles" which are these really neat little sticker puzzles! I am really impressed with how well thought out this subscription service is and think it would be a unique and fun gift from grandparents, an excellent supplement to homeschool or just something to look forward to each month with your children!
Now, be sure to enter the giveaway to win your own 3-month subscription to Space Scouts! EEK! What do you all think of Space Scouts? Have you tried out any "subscription box" companies with your kids? Thanks for reading!
This giveaway is hosted through Moms Affiliate! If you are a family blogger, be sure to check this site out and sign up if you are interested in monetizing your blog. They are a great resource and I've been really happy working with them so far!


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