by gillian claire: nine months.



nine months.

i've finally made it to july. my due date is less than two weeks away, and it definately feels very surreal. i don't feel that desperation that i remember feeling at this point in my pregnancy with roman, after nine weary and blurry months of hyperemesis hell. now that i'm here, nine months, i'm just left looking at this belly of mine in wonder, wondering how this time in my life snuck up on me.

labor is definately making it's way to me, i feel my body preparing itself in many ways. i just can't wrap my mind around the fact that any day now could be the day that brings me that moment of finally looking into the eyes of this tiny beauty hiding inside me.

last night was filled with strange dreams about fighting giant chameleons and tearing my way out of netted elevators in the jungle. my husband says it represents the challenge of birth that is ahead of me. i guess it really IS going to happen, whether it feels real to me or not.


  1. your blog is so cute!! adding it to my google reader. do u know what ur having??

  2. thanks:) and i'm having another little boy!


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