by gillian claire: eleven months.



eleven months.

it is asher's last few days as an eleven month old and then he's on to the big one year mark. eek. i took these photos at a playground during our trip last week, so i thought i'd share a little bit of the wonderful that is our asher at eleven months. 
he is snuggly and cuddly, kissy and huggy as ever. he loves to explore and especially eat rocks. he loves the boys' bedroom and has all sorts of adventures in there such as finding the swords and golf clubs or climbing into the toy box and any other basket or box he can squeeze into. 
he loves my hair and loves to sing, he is such a special part of our lives. last night aaron said to me as the boys were wrestling on our bed, "having a second boy was a really good idea." 
and it was, 
asher is the little bit of magic in our days. 
our "littlest". our "happiest".


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  1. These are so perfect! Happy early birthday to Asher!


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