by gillian claire: little.




"you can always call me little, but i won't always be little."

this is what roman said to me the other night and it broke my heart as motherhood always does. these photos were taken a while back and they definately capture a little bit of the sweetness that is roman. his namaw and papaw bought this curious george for him on his second Christmas and that round little sweet monkey face reminded me just of roman as a toddler. he has certainly already grown since these photos were taken in june. another summer has passed leaving him a little bigger. but he is still  just as sugary sweet and precious to me as the day he was born. and he still has that bright shining round smiling face. i'm thankful that i can always call him little,
 and i'm thankful that today he still is.

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  1. These photos are perfect and your words even more so. It's hard to grasp the concept that they are only little for a very short while and that once they no longer are - they never will be again. It breaks my heart too. Motherhood sure is a roller-coaster of emotions.


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