by gillian claire: happy thoughts.



happy thoughts.

some happy thoughts of late:
IMG_3525-2IMG_3531the sweet things about this little boy:
when he plays "baby",
when he acts all dramatically adorable during the times when he actually lets me photograph him,
early mornings when he is all sticky sweet and rolls all over me squeaking, "hi mama"s at me.
when he is sad in his car seat and all he wants is to "cuggle" (cuddle) and kiss and hug.
dipfinding old mama/baby photos like these.
photo shoots that turn out all dreamy and wonderful.
IMG_4685-2freshly washed baby hair and finally fitting into a thrifted treasure that i bought for him when i still couldn't imagine him ever growing this big.
IMG_4686-2IMG_4687-2many mountain adventures with these guys. :)
an early morning starbucks and cloudy park date with my littles.
IMG_3739-2soft skin, natural light, his favorite shirt.
IMG_4708-3roman taking to heart and showing off to us after i keep telling him how adventurous he is.
IMG_3808-2and these brothers, of course. always trying to make me grow as a person, even when i don't feel up for it. :)
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  1. It's all so sweet and perfect. Thank you for sharing your life and heart with us. <3

  2. oh, the sweetness! my favourite part = the way asher has his toes curled up on the couch. <3 <3 <3

  3. Lovely lovely. Esp those old mama + babe pics!

    Someday when we come to Colorado for a vaycay, I will beg you to photograph my family and hope you can make us look that adorable!! :))


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