by gillian claire: be by ourselves, with friends only.



be by ourselves, with friends only.

well, i'm really irked at my camera right now. and at canon. and at the world in general.
but i mean seriously, of course my camera equipment would start giving me a hard time before all my fall sessions come up in the next few weeks, why would i possibly expect any less?
not to be whiny, but don't things always happen at crucial times like this?
my phone and my hair straightener also broke this week. :(
seriously, so utterly frustrated.
but the good news is that we got a brand new huge amazing rug (seriously, the rug of my dreams) for $110 off toady. 
and i managed to find a few photos that i love amidst all the photo taking madness and fury that i've been experiencing lately while trying to pinpoint the problem. 
so here you go: poor quality photos from the resevoir the other evening -
mountain sunsets with birds flying over me just to add to the beautiful peacefulness of the moment. 
i really hate being so stressed when in the honest reality and scheme of things: none of this matters.
like roman says,
"i wish we could just live in the woods with no restaurants or anything nearby. we could get our own honey from our bee hives and grow our own food in our garden and just be by ourselves, with friends only."
mmm yes, if only.

IMG_4987IMG_5005IMG_4952(this one, sooc, i love how the little tiny evergreens look each night on the mountains against the sunset sky.
so, so pretty and perfect.)


  1. Beautiful photos, Gillian. When it rains, it pours, no? I hope things begin to smooth out soon!

  2. gorgeous pictures, as always. love the geese! sorry to hear about the camera troubles. that scares the dickens out of me! hope everything gets sorted out quickly. xo


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