by gillian claire: portraits of roman.



portraits of roman.

roman and i had a little date the other day. panera + thrift store shopping + a last stop at the foothills so that i could test out my rental lens. i only planned to try to grab a couple photos of my normally grouchy model but roman just lit up and wanted to continue to pose long after i was ready to be done. i know that he was soaking in the one on one attention and i was so happy to be with my biggest and wonderful boy. 
he truly is a wonderful and magical child. a round round face always lit up with happiness, a soft and cuddly boy who is always ready for love and affection.
i think it's safe to say that i am certainly in love with this boy.
and i'm convinced that 5 is just pretty much absolutely perfect.
IMG_5253-2IMG_5251-2IMG_5163IMG_5177IMG_5223-2IMG_5224-2IMG_5242IMG_5265-2the photo shoot i had with roman one year ago here. much different backdrop. ;)


  1. I love them all, but this one especially ( GUSHHHH. <3

  2. 4th one favvvvee!!!!!


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