by gillian claire: a third year story.



a third year story.

the days before asher's birthday, i spent time scrolling through old photos on my blog and flikr and remembering and crying, of course. pictures are so powerful. pictures tell stories and the life and tales of this little boy, my asher, can be followed in pictures as well. i have so many memories of him that have been saved in this way.
a tub surrounded by windows where he started making his way into this world, toes wrapped around an umbilical cord, a little mouse struggling to breathe and laying cozy in a warmer, those first days of breastfeeding in the nicu, a chubby baby just learning to stand and walk in the corn fields of indiana, throwing rocks at mountains,
jumping and jumping and jumping on beds.
those round light curls + blue eyes + soft baby fair skin.
i put together some of my favorite pictures from asher's 3rd year to post here today:
to help tell the story of a little heart full of wonder + wild-boy love.


  1. these are WONDERFUL photos and he is a handsome little boy!

  2. These photos are amazing! You're a great photographer :)

  3. He is seriously just the sweetest, most adorable thing. I hope he had a wonderful birthday (and that you survived it).

    1. Aww, thank you Jenn - I'm glad that you can see his sweetness :) He had a great day and I did survive! I'm just glad it's over with and now I can enjoy my little boy in all of his new three-ness!


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