by gillian claire: asher's birthday.



asher's birthday.

asher turns 3 today! i am a total wreck, i can't stand birthdays - i hate them, hate them, hate them!
is  that depressing or what? does anyone else out there hate birthdays??
my computer was unexpectedly destroyed by coffee last week. ( i mean, duh it was unexpected, who plans these things? ) so, once again, my protection plan came into good use and i was able to get a new computer! it's all wacky right now and i need to adjust the colors and put some editing programs on. in the meanwhile, i'm just sharing a simple old school post of photos from my pregnancy with asher! putting these on here remind me of a different time of blogging. remember when blogging was a little more random, just sharing photos? less styled?
maybe later i'll share some favorite photos of asher.
i can't believe he is 3! 3 is so grown up. when roman turned 3, i was already a couple months pregnant with asher. it seems like just days ago i was avoiding the hospital like a plague laboring with asher all over the place and now he is 3! ugh. so many thoughts, so many things.
this morning we had yellow and white balloons all over the living room floor waiting for asher when he woke up since he has been telling us for months that he wants balloons for his birthday. he woke up and just danced around the room kicking the balloons everywhere with his long skinny little legs. he and roman played a little bit, then fought, naturally. i gave asher a haircut and lopped off some of his big wild curls. and now he is making pancakes with dad.
later, we'll do presents and cupcakes and just hang out together;
celebrating our wild little sprite of a 3 year old boy.
hello baby.

( positive pregnancy test. i took like 10. )ten weeks baby belly

( my first belly photo )
20 weeks.

( 20 weeks )
my boys.

( a picture of both of my boys. )
33 weeks.

( 35 weeks )
nine months.

( 9 months. )
40 weeks.

( due date! asher was born two days later. )
also, some links:
lots of belly photos if you like that sorta thing + my very first blog post after asher was born!


  1. I cannot fathom that they are three. Like...100% do not believe it's true. I hope he has a fantastic birthday.

  2. aw, happy birthday to your little man! time passes to quickly when you become a mama, but it's so lovely to relive the past with all those sweet baby-bump photos. have fun celebrating!

  3. ha, I thought you were having another with that picture since it was the one featured on bloglovin. Actually I didn't even see which blog it was I just saw a pee stick and got excited for a second. Your bump pics are fantastic! I wish I had better when I was pregnant. Balloons! I love it. They are such a hit with Aria. I am a big fan of random surprise balloons! Happy Birthday to him!

    1. Haha, I wondered if anyone would think that! Sorry to disappoint! ;)

  4. Aww, happy birthday, Asher! I love the balloons idea, and the look back at your pregnancy.

  5. They just grow up way to fast…my little guy turned 3 in May and my little girl turns 1 on Saturday. I am still looking for the pause button!

    1. It does happy way, way too fast! It's unbelievable really!


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