by gillian claire: first lost tooth.



first lost tooth.


 ( photo from instagram

     oh hey, look who lost his first tooth! this moment definitely seems blog-worthy. we didn't even realize roman had a loose tooth but one day while watching a show out in the living room he came into the bedroom with a startled look on his face and said, "i think i lost a tooth!" and indeed, he had! he was a little worried at first and didn't want to look in the mirror.
     the rest of the day, he talked about it non-stop with me. and kept saying adorably sweet roman-things like, "wow, it's a big day!" i took this photo when we were sitting outside on a blanket, talking about his tooth of course. i could tell that he loved how excited i was and i loved how cute he looked with that one newly missing tooth. i seriously looked at this photo a million times in my phone for days on end after i took it. it just radiates roman's sweetness to me. roman is growing up so much and it tears at my heart but i also love seeing him smack dab in the trenches of childhood. gosh, he is just the best. :)
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  1. Awww! Roman must've been excited when he lost his first baby tooth. It was definitely a big day for him. I love how he was worried at first, but seemed to have the missing tooth grow on him. Haha! Next thing you know, he'll be losing the last of his baby teeth. Anyway, thanks for sharing that intimate experience with us. All the best to your family! :)

    Ethel Duncan @ Doug Smith DDS

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