by gillian claire: FabKids // september picks.



FabKids // september picks.

I don't realize how fast the month is going by until I get an email saying that the new FabKids outfits are reading to pick from and I almost always haven't even photographed and shared my boys in their outfits from the previous month!
This month Roman knew right away that he wanted to choose this outfit with the flannel shirt. I definitely didn't have this outfit in mind for him because I figured that a long sleeved teeshirt would get a lot more use. However, he really insisted that he wanted this shirt and Aaron and I thought it was pretty darn cute. :) His "Mr. Cool" shirt underneath is from a FabKids outfit he chose a few months back that I don't think I ever got a chance to share! I'm really happy with this outfit and the biggest reason is that the pants FIT him. I have had the hardest time finding pants for Roman this season! He is growing like a weed and when we went pants shopping at Old Navy and Target I had the boy try on every style pants available with no luck. I'm normally not a huge cargo pants fan but these FabKids pants fit him and it's a miracle! I love the rich brown color as well.
I was really excited to get these black skinny jeans for Asher this month. Last month I picked skinny jeans for Asher and I am in love with them! They are absolutely adorable and he wears them ALL the time! I love that the waistbands on FabKids pants are adjustable and it has benefited both of my boys. Asher is a little skinny scarecrow and even though these pants are only a size 2 I have to pull the waist as tight as it will go! I'm really excited to have a new pair of these skinny jeans for him and I love the Rock Legend sweatshirt as well! I'm slowly trying to transition Asher to the next size so I got a size 3 in this sweatshirt but it's a little roomy. :)
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Be sure to check out FabKids for yourself! FabKids is a subscription clothing company offering brand new outfits to pick from each month! If you sign up now you'll get your first outfit for only $15! You always have the option to skip any month with no charge and you can cancel your FabKids subscription at any time. One thing that I really like about FabKids is that when you become a member you get offers for a lot of great deals in addition to your monthly outfit. FabKids is always offering fun discounts like boy one outfit get one free, $10 pants, and they also have sale items as well that go pretty cheap!
Thanks so much for reading along. I love sharing my boys' FabKids outfits with you guys every month! We have so much fun with our monthly photo shoots!
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( This post includes affiliate links to FabKids. If you use my link, you will receive your first outfit for only $15 and in return I will receive points towards free outfits for my kids. FabKids sent me these outfits to share with you all but this post and all opinions are my own. Thanks for reading along and providing my family with these awesome opportunities! )


  1. These outfits are amazing! I'm definitely going to check this service out. I like my boys to look like rock stars. =)

    1. FabKids has really been on it with their boys' clothes lately - they have so many cute / trendy outfits to pick from!

  2. Roman looks so grown in these pictures!! Both of your boys are handsome.

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