by gillian claire: asher, from above.



asher, from above.

these photos have kind of a weird/distorted proportion thing going on, but i love how they show asher's  long, long, skinny fingers which is something i've noticed about him since he was a brand new baby. asher was so little and thin and long when he came into the world and that's still how i see him now. he just reminds me of a baby bird, all wobbly and bony and small. i always call asher my "teeny boy" and he adores it and now refers to himself that way to make me smile. he squints his eyes and pitches his voice way up high and says, "teeeeeeeeeeny boy!" it's adorable. 
asher is going through an extreme mama-boy phase, which is really saying something considering that it's upping the ante on his years of mother-clinginess. this boy does not want me out of his sight, ever. to be honest, it can be super taxing on my paper thin patience. but there are sweet moments too, like yesterday in the bath where asher looks up to me and says, "why do you love me?" and i say, "you know why i love you," and he smiles and nods, "mmhm mmhm because i'm aaasher." 
those are the moments that make me smile and feel the love that he needs from me and it makes me want to hold onto those long, skinny, teeny fingers forever.


  1. "teeeeeeny boy", so sweet. and you *know* how much i love brids-eye-view shots so i think these pictures are just perfect! xo

    1. thanks lucinda, and i agree with you that birds-eye view photos are so wonderful!! :) :)


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