by gillian claire: random friday things.



random friday things.

IMG_2087 happy friday, world!
so, the classes that i'm taking this semester started this week which was nice. i'm overanalyzing things but also a little excited for what i'll be working on and to be back to school. i'm kind of just wasting time right now while i try to figure out where i want to transfer. ugh. living in the moment, right? who cares, right?? right? ;)
i started watching the bachelor.... i used to watch this show way back in high school when it first came out and i got a wild idea to watch this season. and then i may have gone to amazon and bought a couple seasons to binge watch. i know, i know, not my proudest moments here people. is anyone else fascinated by the bachelor? like so many thoughts, so many thoughts!!
it's been kind of  warm the past couple of weeks which was pretty lovely i must say. i've definitely taken advantage of all the end-of-winter sales to stock up on a few winter things that i need... okay want. seriously, there are some good clearance deals out there right now! even though i consider myself a warm weather kind of person, i kind of hated how the day after Christmas we started putting swimsuits and spring clothes out at work. it depresses me how our culture is always pushing and pushing for the next thing. it makes life extra exhausting.
that photo up there? i was the photographer for my brother in law's wedding which was over a month ago and i haven't even started culling through the images. oh lord. also, i need a new external hard drive because i left mine on the train. ( true story ) does anyone have any good quality / low price suggestions for me??
have a great weekend everyone! <3


  1. ahhh! i am addicted to the bachelor! we don't have cable but i can stream it on the app. i don't even usually watch tv, but these days i just need something to shut my brain OFF and the bach is perfect. hahaha.. we're such twins, gillian. <3

    1. <3 yes, we are! the bachelor is just so ridiculous but so entertaining ;)


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