by gillian claire: mountain drive.



mountain drive.

IMG_4019IMG_4020IMG_4021IMG_4022IMG_4023IMG_4024IMG_4028IMG_4029IMG_4031 .
     I snapped these photos the other day when we took a little drive through the foothills behind our house. One thing that I love about taking photography classes is that since I am a horrible procrastinator, it forces me to have these, "crap I need photos for tomorrow," moments where I do things that I wouldn't normally do such as take quick photos of the mountains through a dirty windshield or of the sunset through blinds in my bedroom. Then later I'm like oh wow, I like those! I love the feeling I get looking at these photos, it's the feeling I truly get when I'm in the mountains as well - peace and freedom and happiness, a breath of fresh air and a reminder of true everlasting beauty. <3


  1. oh, just stunning. what part of colorado did you guys move to? it's just so lovely!

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