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5 Easy Ways to Make Extra Christmas Shopping Money!

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     I can't believe how close the holidays are and to be honest, the thought of Christmas shopping (and all that $$$) is a bit stress inducing right now! Do you guys feel the same way? I am always trying to bring the cost of Christmas down and today I want to share 5 easy things I've tried that can earn you some extra Christmas shopping cash! 


Sell Some "Stuff"

     I'm a minimalist and I love getting rid of some "stuff" before Christmastime since Christmas presents mean that more things are about to come into my house. Here are a few different ways you can sell items you own to make a little extra Christmas shopping cash!

Consignment Stores
I love taking a laundry basket full of old kids' stuff into Once Upon A Child and earning a little money back. There are plenty of other consignment shops out there for different types of items as well. You won't make very much money selling consignment but it's probably the easiest and quickest way to make a little bit of money for things that you don't want anyway!
Facebook Groups 
Check to see if your town has local Facebook buy + sell groups! I have bought items from a Facebook group and it was so easy! (Take someone with you if you are meeting a person you don't know and always meet somewhere public!) 
Set up an IG closet shop 
Set up a shop account on Instagram to sell clothing (or other small items) you don't want anymore! This one is probably easier for bloggers or those of you who have a higher amount of followers on Instagram. This is something I'd like to start doing because I have so many cute little boy clothing items sitting around that we don't' need anymore. I set up a shop account but haven't gotten around to listing anything!

Coupon Apps!

     I wrote an entire post about this last year: here. Coupon Apps are a really fun way to earn a little extra spending money. Most of them work by scanning receipts and awarding money amounts for different items. These apps can be time consuming but are so fun and easy to use! For the past 2 years I've cashed out about $20 each holiday season to put towards presents just after using them for a few months! (Fun, easy, free money- yes please.)

     If you are going to try just one, start with Ibotta- it's my favorite and gives you the most money back. You can use my referral code: tddfoyb to get a $10 bonus for signing up!

Take on Extra Work

     I've been looking for a few ways to take on a little extra work before the holidays. I just did a photography job this past weekend and I'm taking on a little more sponsored content on the blog. For my family personally, this is also to cover other expenses that we've had come up lately but will also definitely help come Christmastime! Look for little ways that you could make a little extra money at your job! Pick up an extra shift or project. Taking a holiday retail job is a great way to earn some easy money and the discount can help with Christmas expenses as well! (Win, win!)

Mystery Shopping

     I used to always be so intrigued by the idea of mystery shopping! I finally tried it out a couple years ago through SeeLevel Shoppers. My mystery shop took place at Hot Topic (oh hey, high school memories!) and I earned a little money for completing the shop and also got reimbursed for the nose rings I purchased there. This would be a fun way to make a little holiday cash. 

Open a credit card

     I know a lot of people with be against the advice to open a credit card and I totally get it. This is only good advice if you go about it carefully! Many stores offer extra benefits to open a credit card during the holidays. Make this work for you by choosing one that is going to save you a chunk of money and then pay it off immediately + close it out! Last year I opened an Amazon credit card and in return got a $50 Amazon gift card which I then used towards Christmas shopping!


I hope you saw a tip that might help you earn a little cash this holiday season! Of course, these tips can be used year round as well. What secret ways do you have to earn extra money? I want to hear them!


Please comment, I'd love to hear from you!


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