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My Current Favorite Night Creams!

*This post is NOT sponsored but does contain affiliate links!*

     Oh hey, it's time to talk about my favorite thing again: skincare! I've been interested in night cream and "anti-aging" products since I used my grandma's free eye cream jars that she got from department stores as a kid. People usually think that I'm a lot younger than I am so, thanks Namaw! jk :) In reality, I'm 31 and it's kind of exciting that I can actually start benefiting from these products that I love!
     Between things I've picked up myself and products that brands have sent me, my nightstand is pretty jam packed with night creams right now! I grabbed a few of the products that I gravitate towards every night to share with you guys including my two all time favorite ever EVER night creams so read along to find out which ones they are!

I actually won this No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Night Cream in a giveaway on the Kiki Blah Blah blog! I was so excited because I never win anything but I ended up winning this No7 skincare package and these awesome pants in the same week! (best week ever...)  This night cream is pretty standard- nothing outstanding about it, nothing horrible about it. The smell is nice and fresh, a good grandma smell not a flowery grandma smell.. (does that make sense to anyone else?) I love that it's made for sensitive skin + that it's inexpensive. I also use the Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum underneath. This is just a nice easy night cream to have on hand and I like to use it between nights where I use a more targeted treatment.

Ok guys, here's the first holy grail night cream that I'm going to recommend and it's super inexpensive! This Rite Aid "Quick Wrinkle Repair" is a dupe for the well-loved Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair. (I love their play on words here- hah!) I can't remember exactly how I ended up using the Rite Aid version over the Neutrogena one but I love it so much + keep going back for more. I don't really struggle with true wrinkles yet but any lines I do see starting to form always plump up with this stuff! I definitely recommend trying this one out if you haven't already!

I have gone through some weird phases where I struggle with redness on my face. I grabbed this Eucerin Redness Relief Night Cream off Amazon during one of those times and really liked it! I still use it occasionally if my face feels like it's flaring up a little. I also bought the Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion which has a green tint to it for combatting redness! Also these are inexpensive-yay!

Well, this is the me I never thought I'd be.. I am totally a drugstore/amazon girl and this HydroPeptide Nimini Cream is fancy AF and costs over $100. It was sent to me in exchange for a sponsored Instagram post, which I did months ago. Mentioning it in this blog post however is in no way sponsored; I just ... freaking LOVE IT. I thought I was sooo cool when HydroPeptide offered to send me this expensive product but jokes on ME  now because I'm hooked and will definitely shell out the money to repurchase this... :)

This Nimini Cream is liquid gold. First of all, it smells fabulous. Second of all, your skin will glow in the morning after using it! It contains Retinol + Vitamin C and is a targeted "collagen support" complex. Any little wrinkles you might have plump right up with this Nimini Cream and it leaves your skin looking so fresh and youthful. Sometimes I'll see myself in the mirror in the morning and be like wow, I look SO refreshed today and yeah, it's always because I used this HydroPeptide Cream the night before. I highly, highly recommend this one if you're looking to try something higher end that works. 

Ok, I'm seriously obsessed that I figured out how to link all of these products for you guys like this! I'll definitely start doing for my beauty posts, it's so easy! Sometimes I feel like such an old person, it takes me forever to start doing all the "trendy hip" blogging things. Anyone else with me there??

Have you tried any of these night creams? I'd love to know! Of course, if you have any of your own holy grail night creams please let me know in the comments; I'm always on the hunt for something new to try!

Happy Hump Day!

xoxo, Gillian

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