by gillian claire: soy bean field



a peek into summers past.

oh my goodness, i cannot believe that these photos were taken only a year ago!
hanging out in the backyard, in the peaceful countryside, soybean fields + purple flowers.
asher - just a year old, romping around in his cloth diaper, little peachy-pie hair curling in the wind,
roman - four, flying paper airplanes and always running commentary in his own little imaginative world...
we have moved two times since then. to our little cabin house in town and now to our condo in colorado. it is just crazy to think what all can happen in a year. and yet, everything feels comfortably still the same. although they look a little younger + chubbier, the faces and personalities you see here, are just the same as the ones i am loving on today. 
asher, tearing about, arms always flailed out to the side, stopping here and there to notice nature's treasures.
and roman, leaving behind a fury of tape + paper, his mind spinning with thoughts and ideas.
so here we are, another summer passing by, only to become another sweet long ago memory. i can already feel fall in the air, and slowly but surely we will need to start  hunkering down at home, busing ourselves with schoolwork and jobs, kindergarten at home for rome, and the never ending task of trying to entertain asher while he is climbing all over us reminding us to slow down 
because babies indeed do not keep. ;)
p.s. thank you to those who left comments on my breastfeeding post. breastfeeding is something that i am so passionate about and i absolutely loved hearing the different takes on what breastfeeding has meant for you and your little lovely ones!
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IMG_9800IMG_9804IMG_9819IMG_9813IMG_9829you have no idea how many times i have ideas for photos and i wait too long and the flowers die or the field changes. everything beautiful out  in the country is only the same for an instant and then everything is changing, changing.
but i caught the soybeans at just the right time while they were golden yellow,  a little bit green still but also turning brown. and i caught roman in a good mood right after asher fell asleep for his nap, and he told me i could take a few photos of him across the street. the soybean field has now completely changed to brown, and our little four year old is ever so quickly growing and changing as well, his "4" shirt is just a little too short in the arms and he looks a little too much like a big boy since i gave his hair a little trim last week. luckily, he is still wonderfully little and cuddles and kisses and hugs and melts my mama heart each day.



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