by gillian claire: happy birthday.



happy birthday.

four years ago, i gave birth to my first son.
in the middle of the night- exactly how i imaged it. 

roman, i'll never forget the moment i met you,
a perfect purple bundle.
i'll never forget the way your tounge looked in your mouth as you cried.

you've taught me everything i know as a mother.
you've given me passion for things i never really thought of before you.
in an instant, you completely changed my life.

last night we spent time laughing together in bed.
i was soaking in your sweetness and three year old-ness.
i get totally sentimental every year when you are about to get older.
i don't ever want to say goodbye to any of your cuddly baby ways.

i've completely enjoyed being your mother.
thank you for teaching me everyday about true love and respect.

i love you moon.


  1. I stumbled across one of your photos on flickr... You take beautiful photographs and you have a beautiful family. Blessings!

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