by gillian claire: almost five months.



almost five months.

a friend and i got together and did this fun photoshoot of asher,
one day before his five month birthday.
i bought this awesome blanket that i've had my eyes on at target for these photos and we used these great vintage toys. my dad always puts vintage toys under his christmas tree. they have all been in the family for years. these blocks were my papaw's when he was little. the old teddy bear was my dad's:) who knew back then, that someday little asher would be playing with them.
asher thinks he is such a big boy now.
he had his first ride in the front seat of the cart at walmart. he was smiling so big and looking so proud of himself. this morning we all randomly decided to go to bob evans, and for the first time asher sat in a high chair. he was so cheerful and loved sitting there by himself. he is so strong, he didn't even bonk his head on the highchair like we worried about :)
i fed him a little mashed up banana. this boy is dying to eat. everything.
he also sucked on a lemon. 
so yes, he is moving on to that next baby stage. wearing his six month clothes, sitting up on the bed playing with blocks and standing up in the exersaucer.
he's still that same boy he was his first week of life - smiley as ever, loving to watch my mouth as i sing.
i love this little person.

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