by gillian claire: change.




this week, it seemed like asher just instantly changed into another baby. he started sitting up by himself! He still needs assistance sometimes or to be propped a little, but he’s getting there:) in the same day, he rolled over from him tummy to his back in front of our bedroom mirror several times. it was so sweet, i would cheer for him when he got to his back and then he’d smile and do it again. he actually rolled over at seven weeks old a couple times, but i haven’t seen it since! that night, he decided he wanted to sit in my lap while i read stories in bed with roman so that he could try to grab at the book and bang on the pictures. normally, he lays quietly between roman and i during stories and just contentedly stares at the pictures. all week, he's been surprising me by doing cute things like grabbing my water cup towards his mouth while he sits in my lap and reaching both of his little arms out towards his brother's toys. It’s just amazing how quickly babies change and grow.

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