by gillian claire: naptime.




IMG_0055 (2)IMG_0072 (2)IMG_0073 (2)IMG_0058IMG_0078 (2)IMG_0075 (2)my little napping 17 month babe :)
so sweet, and peaceful and pretty.
roman of course was my little assistant during this photo shoot, 
taking photos by my side with the cell phone.
school starts tomorrow! and i finally just finished up everything on my to do list.
well no, not really at all. i don't even have a to do list, and if i did it would be horribly depressing to look at. but i have finished everything i needed to do online finally such as book ordering and form filling out. shew. i sorted through and edited a lot of photos today.
look forward to sharing.
my babies are growing and changing everyday.

IMG_0083 (2)

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