by gillian claire: brothers.




life lesson that i am still learning - don't make photography forced with your children. of course i had in my mind these amazingly cute photos of my boys wearing matching outfits but i ended up just getting so frustrated with roman because he was being persnickety and wouldn't smile. which is just hilarious because why do i expect my son to smile on command?? oh well. regardless – still happy that I got an updated shot of these brothers :)

it is so interesting to see the way that asher looks at roman. he literally admires him in the deepest sense of the word. he is constantly watching roman and doing everything that he does. i constantly catch this happening. roman laying on his back reading a book on the bedroom floor - asher grabs a book and lays next to him mimicking him. roman jumping from bed to bed fighting imaginary bad guys - asher following him, jumping and making fighting sounds as well. the other day roman left the room to grab a shirt. when he came back in, asher was right behind him holding his own shirt. he watched roman put his shirt on and brought me his shirt to put on! I DIED.

just loving, loving the chance to watch my boys grow daily into their own individuality and also watch their relationship grow as brothers.
such a blessing :)


  1. They are so cute...and so sweet!

  2. OMG I JUST bought that same shirt for Mace at Tar-zjay!!! I have a fantasy of getting the perfect pic of him wearing that shirt and swimming trunks on the beach in FL for spring break.....HA! Like you forced photography :)))

  3. They are just the sweetest! Should we be so blessed to have another child, I look forward to the day our little man has a little sister or brother to follow him around!
    I'm your newest follower. Would love you to stop by and follow back.
    Cheers to Friday!


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