by gillian claire: where the wild things are.



where the wild things are.

i always feel like the more i learn about photography and the more i pursue it professionally, the less and less i love it. this fall was definitely a struggle in that aspect. in between working on sessions for clients, i had just about every technical problem in the book. i love photography, i love art, but i do NOT love technology. not at all. i am the least patient person in the world, which doesn't help.
after finishing up the season client-wise, we took the boys out on halloween to one of our favorite walking places for photos.
it was so freeing to finally be using my camera to capture what my heart beats most passionately for, my two wonderfully-made-perfect-lovely boys,
out in nature - happy and joyful,
romping in the tall grass sunflare,
like the little wild things that they are.


  1. these are absolutely magical. i love every one. i know what you mean about the photography challenges... i had my fair share of challenges late this fall/early this winter. after a stressful two weeks, i was ready to throw the towel in. (my challenges were less about technology and more about difficult personalities...) ultimately i pushed through it, but... i'm still not sure what the future holds. only time will tell. i'm so happy to see you behind the camera--shooting what you love. there's nothing better. yours boys are the sweetest. xo

  2. I am right there with you. I decided to take this year 'off'. I am still doing photography for some clients, but I'm not pursuing new clients. I just need a break. It's so daunting sometimes when all you really want is to enjoy it and capture the things that you love. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos. They are always so adorable.

  3. Very nice photos, and they can feel their outfit with the adventure. :)

  4. WOW!! These are so beautiful! The boys are so cute!! So glad to see you post this :)))

  5. Love these photos! The light and color is amazing. Your boys are precious!


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