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where the wild things are.

i always feel like the more i learn about photography and the more i pursue it professionally, the less and less i love it. this fall was definitely a struggle in that aspect. in between working on sessions for clients, i had just about every technical problem in the book. i love photography, i love art, but i do NOT love technology. not at all. i am the least patient person in the world, which doesn't help.
after finishing up the season client-wise, we took the boys out on halloween to one of our favorite walking places for photos.
it was so freeing to finally be using my camera to capture what my heart beats most passionately for, my two wonderfully-made-perfect-lovely boys,
out in nature - happy and joyful,
romping in the tall grass sunflare,
like the little wild things that they are.

my birthday.

IMG_1744-2IMG_1753IMG_1755(may 5, 2013)
roman and i in our dandelion field on my birthday. 
dandelions are my favorite flower. i love them and will never understand america and our perfectly manicured lawns + chemicals and such. roman and i saw a yard near our house filled with dandelions and he decided that it was our dream.
so we spend time out in our own little "dandelion field" and we blow all the "wishing flowers" while sending up prayers to heaven and hoping every morning that new weeds will be born. 
i'd say that our wish is coming along nicely. 
and when i asked roman what he prayed for, he told me that he prayed he would go to heaven and see jesus.
so i reckon that boy is coming along right nicely as well ;)
i can't say that i've grown much wiser in this past year, but these are the wonderful moments that i am thankful for;
a refuge full of dandelions for me to lay in, and four tiny hands to pick them for me :)
i adore this photo that aaron got of ash ;)
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get away.

for valentine’s day, aaron (kind of) surprised me with a night at the lodge. i say "kind of" because aaron and i can never keep secrets from each other and are the worst at surprises in the whole world, so naturally the surprise didn't last all the way until valentine’s day...

we had overlapping family members to babysit for a while on wednesday evening, so aaron and i went out for chinese food and hung out alone for a while. then we picked up our babies and spent the night and morning at the lodge before i had to go to school for an exam. we love spending time there, its cozy and old and is just a little mini vacation even though it's now only about 15 minutes away from where we live;) we've been going there for years and it holds lots and lots of memories for us, from dating to marriage to one baby to two. one night was not enough time away for me, but it was so nice to have a chance to connect with aaron and spend time in the game room with roman (one of our favorite things to do!). it was also fun to see my two boys running ahead of me down the halls. i can remember being at the lodge when it was just our little family of 3 and dreaming of having two little ones and now that dream is a sweet and precious reality in my life.

i love getting away, and am cringing at the thought that we probably won't go anywhere for our spring break/seven year wedding anniversary this year. it would be fun, but it would be a better idea for us to put that money away for bigger and better adventures that we are hoping to put into the works soon!

// and yes, roman has a broken arm! for the SECOND time in his life. his cast comes off in 
about two weeks. i love that he chose pink and green for his colors :)//


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