by gillian claire: "monster mode"



"monster mode"

anyone who knows asher in real life will know how much sense the following photographs make: asher is such a unique child with the most peculiar habits, one being that he loves pretending he is a monster. it kind of started to battle moments when he felt shy or uneasy; if a stranger compliments him he will counter with jutting out those bottom teeth and growling. this happens often and makes everyone laugh. he also loves to chase roman and his friends while pretending to be a monster and on the playground he will waltz around in "monster mode" saying, "i want to scare everybody!" it's really quite hilarious and it's simply everything asher in it's entirety so i'm glad to capture and save a few memories of it here. <3


  1. I love love love this! And can so relate. Being a boy mom is too much fun. Asher is adorable, even as a monster!

    1. i agree so much, i love being a boy mom!! it's the perfect mix of sweet + crazy. <3

  2. oh my goodness I love these! so fun!


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