by gillian claire: a date with rome.



a date with rome.

roman and i have been talking about going on a date together forever and we finally did it! we haven't done this for a couple years. it was so wonderful. roman is such a sweetheart and still tells me that he wants to marry me. he was so excited for our date. we went to my chiropractor first and then walked to starbucks for coffees. roman got a s'mores frappuccino. he was seriously so giggly and giddy and couldn't control himself because he was so happy to just be with me. we went to target to shop for asher's birthday presents where roman bought him walkie talkies and a t-shirt. then roman chose panda express for dinner and we ate outside because "it was too loud to be able to hear each other talk" inside, he said. sitting outside, eating our chinese food together, i felt so relaxed. more relaxed than i have felt in a long, long time. 
i had such a special time with roman, my "sweetest", my big boy, my teddy bear. he is going to do amazing things.
yes, roman's elbow bends backwards - it's a side effect from breaking it, yikes!

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  1. That is so cute! Roman is such a sweetheart! :)

  2. I love this. So sweet that he wanted to be able to hear and have conversation with you!!


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