by gillian claire: happy thoughts.



happy thoughts.

just a few happy thoughts for today. some of these photos have been hanging around on my computer forever and i've finally found an excuse to share them!
chillin' in a messy room. you know how so many bloggers post pictures of a super clean room with a small scattering of blocks on their super clean carpet and say something like, "this is real life!" and yeah, well this is my version of that because seriously the mess pictured here isn't as bad as it gets in that room...

IMG_4036IMG_4039deer sighting!

the beginnings of one of favorite prints from last semester... and you guys i'm kind of worried that all of my prints got thrown out because i forgot to pick them up after class ended - wish me luck there!

this, oh my goodness!! i'm obsessed with this picture of asher, his smile + that sunflare. :)

_MG_5789and this... heehee. <3

and THIS.

those moments where my little boys are getting along... all the heart eyes. <3

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