by gillian claire: fields of dandelions.



fields of dandelions.

_MG_5817-3 .
just sharing some dandelion photos today. i was so happy to find this little field of them by the playground in the beginning of june. dandelions are my absolute favorite "flower." here is one of my favorite posts with some of my favorite pictures of our own little dandelion field that roman and i "planted" with wishes a could years ago. ;) have a great monday, friends!
_MG_5821-3 _MG_5819-3_MG_5815-2_MG_5804-3_MG_5808-3 .
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  1. Gorgeous photos!!! I love the quote "to some it may just be a weed, but to me it's a wish" or something that. :) Mason and I love dandelions too!


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