by gillian claire: 15 months



fifteen months.

15 months.15 months.
asher actually turns 18 months old tomorrow, however i really wanted to share these 15 month photos from the fall before it's way too late :)

dear asher,
                i'm sorry that i get so frustrated when you kick + kick + kick my face, grab, scream, whine, destroy and get into everything. you have a strength about you that just tests my selfishness almost every day. but there is also a poetry about you that is a gift to my soul. the way you twirl  and twirl and twirl my hair, the way you lay your head on my chest and sing with me, the way you've always given such genuine kisses + hugs since you were only months old. tonight in the bath amidst a dreary weary day, we heard "rainbow connection" come on from the muppets movie playing in the living room and we sang and danced and smiled and hugged - all in slow silky motion. your special darling smile, your warm baby butter body melting into my arms. those are the moments that make me want to scream with joy. thank you my asher, for bringing me new life each day.

love ,mama

 (taken from my journal when asher was about 14 months old)

p.s. i'm SO excited to now be writing on the spearmint baby website!
read my first post from today here :)

15 months.

one of a kind.

IMG_6482haven't really shared anything lately, although i have so many photos to share. and i guess thoughts and things to share as well. 
but i've been busy just not wanting to share anything at all, if that makes sense.
i've just been working at school work, and doing some with my photography business as well.
not been in the best of moods either.
trying to hang on and learn and grow and keep it together, but it is hard for me.
that's putting it mildly, hah.
but here's a little photo of our littlest, who i always call "teeny boy".
he is such a teeny boy, he just feels so little and teeny and special and warm.
he has the craziest little spirit and takes a lot of energy to deal with some days, or most days rather.
 lately,  i have just been noticing all the special things about him.
i thank God for blessing us with this little teeny boy who
has these spunky little qualities about him that came from who knows where.
i thank God for asher's surprises and specialness.
he is truly
 one of a kind.

happy friday.

IMG_8166IMG_8167IMG_8819IMG_8822  so far today has been filled with morning coffee + waffles + photo editing, haircuts + baths for the babes ( + ross of course ), an attempt at a photoshoot with the boys outside that ended in everyone cranky, shipping my lens back from borrowed lenses + hoping that mine will be fixed soon,  andgreen tea + homework at the coffee shop.
now i'm preparing myself for the next 24 hours which I always hate because aaron works 17 hours and I'm whiny and pathetic as ever every weekend when he does. 
here's to hoping you all have a good weekend
and that I will survive (as I always do) until tomorrow evening!


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