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kindergarten, first day.

we just finished our first week of homeschool at our house!
this is roman's third year of homeschooling. i did two years of preschool with him at home and now to my amazement, he has somehow gone and become a wonderful, happy, round-faced kindergartener! we always wait until after labor day to start school, which i love because i'm not even ready to consider the thought of summer ending until at least september!
we have started off the first day of school the same each of these three years. i have roman color a sign  and take a first day of school pictures. of course, we always include asher who has so far completed "baby school" and two years of "toddler school" ;)
i also have roman draw a self-portrait and write his name. then i trace his hand and i have done the same first day of school interview with him all three years. it has been so fun to compare each year and see how he has grown and changed!
it's very strange to feel the years passing by through this ritual. i still remember so clearly roman's first day of preschool at 3, when asher was still a tiny newborn in his little white jammies sucking away on his paci while we made play-doh.
it has been such a blessing to stay home and be with my boys everyday and to teach them and care for them. it has definitely not always been easy especially with our wild spirited child by our side constantly trying to undo any and all school progress.
but it is indeed a blessing, to see my little roman's face light up on the first day of kindergarten with the most genuine smile in the world.
peeking out of the covers saying, "is it school day mommy??"
and to know that i don't have to pack him up and ship him off, just yet.
these boys are my heart and i feel so happy and blessed to be able to have them home with me. ;)
i went back and found our first day of school photos from last year to compare. and here are some photos from where we were this time 2 years ago!

my four year old right now.

my four year old.IMG_0418
of course everyone thinks that their child is the best in the world, and my feelings about roman are no different. roman is such a gift. i am seeing him just explode into the person that he is. he has such determination and such a fascinating mind. when he gets an idea, he has to get to work and busy himself with it for hours or even days. whether it be science experiments that he is conducting in the bathroom sink or working on his collections of random small objects or making "set ups" of any number of random things - he is always working, creating and organizing. he is very scientific and he thrives reading science books that are way above his age level. he is a self proclaimed artist and sometimes at night he can't sleep until he draws - getting down on paper all the things swirling around in his busy mind. he loves to read books and is continuing to learn sounds and sight words. i have thrown in the towel as far as organized homeschooling for the summer but i keep thinking about next year and how excited i am to nurture this creative smart young mind.


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