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during the turmoil that was today - aaron reminded me that,
"nothing lasts forever."
it's true that someday soon, asher and roman will be able to play together more nicely. i have no doubt that these two boys will be partners in their imagination and will have all sorts of joyful play together for a stretch of many years. 
but today? today, i am happy to have a 5 year old and an almost 2 year old.
i love that i can still plop them up on the cement blocks at the end of our driveway and take pictures of them.
i feel lucky that they are still so small and so cute,
and i know that by having each other, they are learning lots and lots about love.
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puddles, rocks + other adventures.

i attempted to get some good twenty-two month photos of asher the other night.
however, it turned into more of a splashing through puddles, rock throwing, bird chasing adventure, which happens a lot around here.
maybe another day i'll get those more "perfect" photos, but i love these as well and they definitely capture asher's true personality and zest for life. :)
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IMG_1724-2man, it's been a while since i've had a good "brothers" post. and i feel that one is in order. 
this is a ridiculous picture - asher's goofy goofy smile cracks me up, and he is loving on his brother hard core, while roman looks slightly miserable and simply tolerates it so that i can take a picture.
in the day to day, dealing with these brothers feels a little hectic right now. asher has grown up watching roman play with his toy swords and fight imaginary bad guys, so now asher LOVES to "fight" with roman and with us. what he doesn't understand is that not everyone wants to fight all the time. so basically asher just ends up tackling roman half the day. or hitting him with pretty much anything and everything. asher also puts a damper on any and all plans that roman makes; roman can't color or play a game or really do anything without asher getting his little destructive paws into it.
so yeah, asher makes things interesting. and lately i've been getting so frustrated by the constant fighting.
but i love little moments like in this photo, when the boys are enjoying the simple things in life together; playing with plastic storage bins, spraying each other with the hose in the yard, or cuddling on the couch watching a show.
i love when roman says things like, "asher would LOVE beavers" or "asher is the KING of all babies". i love when asher's whole tiny being lights up and he yells, "momo!" 
i loved when we were at the hospital without ash, and roman was so worried that asher would be sad without us. that's when i really realized how much these boys feel like they belong together. they spend everyday, all day, together. it isn't always nice and fun and perfect and lovely. 
but it is pretty dang wonderful :)
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