by gillian claire: brothers.




during the turmoil that was today - aaron reminded me that,
"nothing lasts forever."
it's true that someday soon, asher and roman will be able to play together more nicely. i have no doubt that these two boys will be partners in their imagination and will have all sorts of joyful play together for a stretch of many years. 
but today? today, i am happy to have a 5 year old and an almost 2 year old.
i love that i can still plop them up on the cement blocks at the end of our driveway and take pictures of them.
i feel lucky that they are still so small and so cute,
and i know that by having each other, they are learning lots and lots about love.
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  1. You always take the best pictures!

    Asher's face in pic #2! Ha!! That looks like such a typical big bro/lil bro pic!!

  2. I agree, you always have the best pictures!!


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