by gillian claire: my five year old right now.



my five year old right now.

this photo kills me because roman fabulously struck this pose in a split second, mid-sentence, when i said "smile!" and then he just went along his way. ;)
 roman is growing, growing, growing, and when i look at him sometimes lately, i cannot believe how big he is. i'm trying to tell myself that my children growing is a blessing and not a curse. and it is. the world is just turning and turning all the while these boys are changing and growing and blooming more and more into who they are as people. and i am lucky and blessed to be right there watching them unfold in my hands.
roman right now:
inquisitive, curious and thoughtful as ever, spending lots of time thinking and asking questions and saying things like, "i have a hypothesis."
he is very deliberate and puts much thought into his words. he has an ever expanding vocabulary and an interest in words and i love when he says things like, "i admit it." then thinks and says, "what does admit mean?"
he is very creative and always inventing games. he focuses on a certain game or certain "thing" and plays it to no end and then moves on.
he loves organizing and putting his "things" into ziploc bags.
last night, we drove home from visiting my family and roman spent over an hour thinking about things like hello kitty, and why there is a hole at the park and then he would chatter away about how, "maybe miners made the hole, but there isn't a mine there but maybe there used to be." and aaron loved how he kept saying, "and daddy, daddy..."
is sweet, sweet, sweet as ever and does things like yesterday when he took a picture of my feet and then said, "i took a picture of your feet so you could see how beautiful they are."
he sings to his little brother, calls him "ashey" and says that he is "lovely."
oh, roman.
so much love for this five year old of mine who told me, appropriately,
"mom, you better enjoy every minute of me being five, because next year i think i am going to be six!"

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