by gillian claire: beautiful mama award.



beautiful mama award.

IMG_2233IMG_2326okay, i am usually so not into the blog award thing. i'm super picky and mostly like to journal about my sons. but when sarah from our journey nominated me a while back for the beautiful mama award, i thought it looked simple enough and it was about being a mama after all, so i'm finally giving it a try :)

{ a few mamas i'd like to nominate }
jenn from these ripples and waves
michelle from dancey pants bebe
sally from nothing isn't nothing
hannah from little words & little pictures
What to do:
1. Use the above image in your acceptance post.
2. List 3 things you love most about motherhood.
3. Nominate as many other deserving mamas as you'd like!
{ 3 things i love about motherhood }

1. i love the simple everyday joys of having little ones. my favorite times are when music is playing in the background and i'm organizing or cleaning something around the house while the boys are jumping on the beds or running past me in the midst of a game they are playing. i actually love to organize and they love to play of course, and i just love when we are enjoying simple things around the house while keeping each other company.
2. i love getting out and exploring with my boys. when roman was little, i always took him places and i loved having that little boy always with me at the mall or the park or the thrift store. having him tag along made everything seem like a new and fun adventure. my adventures have significantly slowed down with asher in the past year, but i still love when we all get out and do something together. doing anything with little people is an adventure when you view it through their eyes. i am so looking forward to our road trip this summer and being able to explore so many new things with my family. there are many adventures in store for these little boys in the coming year!
3. i love building the story of each of my boys. i love all of the little memories that i have to tuck away and take with me as they grow. i often tell roman little stories of his life, like when he was born and was a “purple baby” and how he cried and cried until i finally held him and he wanted to have milk right away. i love being able to share these memories with him and i do the same with asher even thought he is still so little and doesn't fully understand. these memories will always be a part of their lives whether or not they are recorded or always remembered and i love being a part of their story. ;)
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  1. Thank you, Gillian, for nominating me. That is so sweet. Love your small list, it's amazing how much heart you can fit into three paragraphs.

  2. So I fell off the face of the earth and am finnnallly getting caught up on life. Love this! Thank you! So sweet! Need to get working on this....

  3. OH, Gillian, I'm honored that you included me. Thank you so much, you're so sweet! I've loved getting to connect with you a little more this past month or so. :)

    I imagine life is about to get real crazy for you as you kick it into high gear with packing. We are in our new place now, and I'm sitting amidst boxes. I'm so glad the worst is over! I hope your packing and traveling goes well.

    I love sharing my home with sweet little angels, too. Yeah they're ornery sometimes and yeah I'm grumpy, but I'm so glad they're around me and keeping me company! It's so much better than being alone! And I love telling my oldest stories about when he was little, too. Being able to be a mother is such a beautiful blessing.


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