by gillian claire: bath time beauty.



bath time beauty.

our little bath time beauty :)
i love when i get a chance to spend a quiet moment alone with ash. 
like this night; asher played in the bath - quietly pouring a cup of water, splashing it down his face and then carefully rubbing his eyes with the towel i gave him. 
and all the while, i just tried to save the moment, taking photos and taking in all the little wonderful details that make up my teeny boy:
soft, soft creamy baby skin, tulip lips, wet curls + curious eyes.
the photos below are a little flashback to an august bath in our old farm house.
i've decided by the way, that editing photos months later is much more fun and rewarding. :)
other favorite bath moments: here + here.

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  1. You take the best pictures!! These are precious! I love bathtime too!!

  2. I love bath time photos! These are perfect. <3


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