by gillian claire: happy friday!



happy friday!

it's friday!
i stumbled across these two sweet brother moments in my photo library, sigh :)
this morning i woke up before anyone, and uncharacteristically decided it would be so nice to just grab the computer and go lay on the couch by myself for a little bit. so i did, but of course after about 1.5 minutes both of my little boys scampered down and joined me. i didn't mind; we just lazed about and ate a bag of "pirate popcorn" together for breakfast. a good start to the day, no?
 since then, it's just been an older brother playing with tin foil balls,
a little brother wrestling with mama,
couscous + mangoes for lunch,
feeling thankful for a bathtub that actually drains
(we finally got it fixed after emptying it with buckets for weeks)
and laundry that is actually clean
(our washer is slowly dying and i finally decided to do some laundry at my sister in law's)
all the while sorting through things here and there, adding to the garage sale and trash pile.
it is very freeing although i was a little sad to finally pitch the perscription bottles leftover from asher's birth and the paints i used to always use when roman was a baby,
good, good memories. :)
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  1. Lazy days with the kids is definitely a great bonding moment. You get to know and discover more about them.


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