by gillian claire: belly photos.



belly photos.

So, during my pregnancy, I really tried to do the once a week photo in the front of the mirror thing. Dreaming of a collage like THIS. I've finally put it together. And yes, I missed out on a few weeks here and there, especially towards the end when I tried to have more REAL pictures of me taken. I'll have to post some of those another time also. During my pregnancy, I was really obsessed with other people's belly photos, so I'm happy to finally have so many of my own!

Asher was born two days after that last picture. :)
And, here we are seven weeks later after our walk last night! (Asher in the moby wrap.)

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  1. You have the cutest belly photos!!! I love a good baby bump (as long as it's not mine)!

    Also- your 33 week shirt is amazing! I love it.


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