by gillian claire: foothill hikes + time with my littlest.



foothill hikes + time with my littlest.

IMG_3718IMG_3720IMG_3730(photo of asher and i taken by a girl who offered to take our photo as she was running by!)
the other day, in hopes of getting some nice photos of asher, i packed him up for a little hike in the foothills by our house.
it's amazing how peaceful and quiet it was there, just he and i.

away from his brother and out in nature where this boy belongs,
he was calm and gentle and quiet as a mouse.
he stopped to notice all the bike riders and all the runners (rummm! he says)
and stopped to notice each tiny ant on the ground.
and of course, he carefully selected rocks to throw into the brush.
watching my sensitive and passionate newly two year old stop to do all his baby-turning-boy things,
 i stopped to remember in my heart the great love that i have for this soft, wonderful, darling second baby of mine.
as we headed back, he pressed his body against mine as i carried him, and we silently enjoyed our last drops of peace and beauty and wonder together. 
tucking it somewhere in our hearts, 
to keep.
before heading back to the chaos and noise 
that is our everyday normal around here. ;)
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  1. Gosh is it so beautiful! You words too. It's so hard to believe they're two. Enjoy that wonderful chaos.

  2. Truly beautiful. And he's such an adorable squishy little thing.


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