by gillian claire: roap trip / new life adventures.



roap trip / new life adventures.

well, we are finally settling down in our new home. the past couple weeks have definitely been packed full. it is crazy to me that we only left our last home less than three weeks ago! during that time, we have embarked on a three day road trip from ohio to colorado staying overnight in kansas city, misouri + colby, kanas, settled in at my grandparents’ house, toured many condos, taken two 90 mile trips to the city we are now living in, stayed in another hotel for a couple nights while aaron had orientation for school, did a lot of yard work, bought a condo, managed to collectively as a family to break a weed whacker, two glasses and a massive glass coffee table at my grandparents’ house, watched a lot of house hunters, bought a loveseat at a thrift store and moved in to our new home.
it has all been a mixture of many emotions. i think the hardest part for me right now is actually settling down. the roadtrip did my gypsy heart much good and now the task of finding jobs and figuring out school schedules all seems a little too realistic and responsible and ... real life to me. of course these things are necessary to life and they too are good. but these weeks of traveling and wandering around and doing as we please, yeah they have been good as well :)
i just wanted to share a little bit of our journey with you all! i have so much going through my mind and so much to say about it all. but here is just a little taste via some of my instagram photos!
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our first stop 200 miles in at a gas station in martinsville, illinois
rest stop in selina, kansas for stuffed animals, starbucks + wendy's.
a glimpse into our very packed and getting messier by the day car // my sleeping mama's boy :)
a rainstorm as we were arriving at my grandparents' house // condo shopping

evergreen, colorado funevergreen2
roman playing soccer at the playground near my grandparents' house // view of the foothills less than a mile from our new condo // target shopping for new towels + pillows on our first night in our new home // roman in our empty future bedroom!
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  1. I am so excited to see all the awesome pics you are going to have of your family in your beautiful new location! Good luck as you all get settled in. xoxo

  2. Love all of these pictures and can't wait to see pictures of the new place! Best of luck getting settled in.


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