by gillian claire: moving + random memories of fall.



moving + random memories of fall.

today is the last day in our house! of course even though we have so much to do still, i also have a last minute photo shoot that i need to wrap up. while trying to free up space on my computer, i edited these photos of asher from last october.
oh my little ashey dash - exploring the yard in fall.
 with his moccasins (which i love, but he HATES), and his little baby striped leggings. he is 15 months here.
my, how time flies. and how thankful i am for these little memories saved forever.
our chapter of being in this house and living in this town is coming to a close.
in ways, it is sad to go,
but we are looking onward to a brand new adventure full of many new and wonderful memories of this life to savor together.
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  1. Your photos are always so lovely.. Odin has the same shoes and we love them. I definitely miss the Fall and these pictures don't help! Moving is hard too. We just moved away from the house that Odin was born in, but we are definitely much happier in our new home. Good luck with the rest of the move!

  2. I hope your move is going smoothly. It's so hard and fun and exciting and draining at the same time.... I pray you find a wonderful new community to be part of soon, and that the settling process in your new home will be peaceful and joyful.

    Love those little mocs. :)

  3. His outfit is rad and these pics are making me long for fall!! Looking forward to hearing more about your new adventure :))


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