by gillian claire: friday!




IMG_3548IMG_3546just a couple quick photos of my little boys,
with the aspen tress
on their great-grandparents' back porch.
happy friday everyone!
this weekend we will be traveling back to my grandparents' house again for a night of visiting/playing/doing yard work and ... watching HGTV when the boys are asleep of course!
we are still hunting for jobs.
and spending lots of time on the free section of craigslist!
man, i think we have hit the jackpot of all cities when it comes to the free stuff people are giving away here!
other than that, it's still days full of park + library visits and little boys playing in laundry baskets with toys strewn all over the living room floor!
man i feel like a little kid in the midst of summer. i know that work and school will bring good things like more structure and productivity to our days (oh, and money.) but i'm just not ready to give up the good life yet!
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