by gillian claire: two.




(words written last night while putting asher to sleep.)
a letter to my second so the night before his second birthday:
oh how easy it is to forget, that once we were one. my skin wrapped snug around yours, my heart keeping you and giving you life. those last slow, sticky summer days feel so distant now, but I still remember the way you rolled around inside me and how i would dream of your golden hair and pouty lips. and how i would cry just thinking of touching your slippery soft baby newness for the first time face to face. how quickly your birth day came and went, and with it hundreds of days have trickled past us as well. but please know that i remember when you were still my secret kept safe inside, a quiet prayer of goodness and love.
and i know that you remember as well. the way you twirl and twirl my hair, the way you wrap yourself around me all night. the way you sing when you say mama. the way your eyebrows turn up when you need me. i know then, that you remember our secret; our love.
and please also remember that i believe you are a wonderful, passionate, delicate poem of a child. i will always, always believe in you.
i love you, my beautiful one :)
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  1. So sweet. You always manage to say things in just the perfect way.


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