by gillian claire: my birthday.



my birthday.

IMG_1744-2IMG_1753IMG_1755(may 5, 2013)
roman and i in our dandelion field on my birthday. 
dandelions are my favorite flower. i love them and will never understand america and our perfectly manicured lawns + chemicals and such. roman and i saw a yard near our house filled with dandelions and he decided that it was our dream.
so we spend time out in our own little "dandelion field" and we blow all the "wishing flowers" while sending up prayers to heaven and hoping every morning that new weeds will be born. 
i'd say that our wish is coming along nicely. 
and when i asked roman what he prayed for, he told me that he prayed he would go to heaven and see jesus.
so i reckon that boy is coming along right nicely as well ;)
i can't say that i've grown much wiser in this past year, but these are the wonderful moments that i am thankful for;
a refuge full of dandelions for me to lay in, and four tiny hands to pick them for me :)
i adore this photo that aaron got of ash ;)
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  1. I love the photos of you and Roman, so sweet. It sounds like he is growing up to be the sweetest little boy.

  2. I followed the link from your baby-wearing post on She Breathes Deeply! You're lovely. :) Happy belated birthday! I love dandelions, too. They're pretty.... and you can eat them!! I think it's kinda crazy that people kill them.

    I like your blog!

  3. We both have sons named Roman and our birthdays are both May the 5th!! Long lost twins? ;] <3


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